Sunday, 17 April 2011

we all need one of this!

MMC 016

Brand new!!

Slim elegant white silver-ish bag/clutch!! Great for formal functions! 

RM 20 only!!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

we ♥ shoezz

we all love a great pair of shoes don't we? check out these lovely heels! awesome for work , a day out at the mall or even a date with your guy ;)

MMC 017

Brand: XES
Size: Vincci 6 / 6.5
Condition: 80% new

RM 15 only!!

MMC 018

Size: Vincci 7
Condition: Still good except for minor glue (not seen) flaw inside the shoe. 
Exterior still looks fantastic!!

RM 15 only!!

let's accessorizzzeee!!

don't all pretty clothes need some awesome accessories to go along with?? =)

MMC 011

Used only twice (convo and prom). Excellent condition!!

RM 10 only!!

MMC 012

Elegant white chunky bangle! Don't you just love those blings!! =) Hardly used.

RM 10 only!!

MMC 013

Still look new. Hardly used because too tight

RM 8 only!!

MMC 014

Also too tight, hardly used.

RM 8 only!!

MMC 015

Gold plated double heart shaped ring. Still in great condition!

RM 8 only!!